Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Returning From London, Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna

The BoothPhoto Fall Tour has been a wonderful success. A two-day workshop in London, Ontario, where 45 photographers had the opportunity to have one day of conference style theory and one day applying what they had learned in six studio set up to facilitate learning. Our partners from Stan C. Reade spared no effort in making this day unforgettable for all.
The ColorBalanceCoach, Unilever Pro Flashes and our wide array of lights and light modifiers were on display during a special collaboration for conferences with Lens and Shutter a retailer in western Canada. I presented three conferences, one in incredible environment of Victoria, one near dramatic downtown Vancouver and another in Kelowna's beautiful green valley, home to some of the best Canadian vineyards (Of course I visited some...).
That's not all! Jean-Francois also presented his own light measurement products at the Salon de la photo de Paris and the PhotoPlus Expo in New York.


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