Friday, October 26, 2007

Distributor in France Nouveau distributeur

The ColorBalanceCoach target is now available in France as a stocked product. A new distributor has been apointed. Inter-Image will be a direct distributor to stores through the whole network of stores in France and through some of it's retailers in the entire Europe. The french magazine "Chasseur d'Image" will feature it for the next year on it's pages and will make it available in their store as well as online. Check out their sites: and Inter-Image adds the StudioCoach line to an already successful line of products such as the Quartz Imager and a full line of fine lighting accessories. Contact Benjamin Bonnardot.

The ColorBalanceTool will guide you to a precise exposure and contrast control, thanks to it's 4 patches patent pending target speaking to the camera like a built-in ultra accurate lightmeter, It will also give a reflected or incident white balance. Actualy it will give you all the free time you need, by not having to color correct images when you return to your computer.

The "Société Planche Contact" remains a distributor and also a profesional trainer for the product. Contact Samuel Malarick.
The ColorBalanceCoach target can also be found at all Prophot locations Contact Francois Glichitch

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